Luis Delgado

Together with his brother, Luis Delgado founded the band “Os Atlanticos” in 1977, a group which is known beyond the borders of Portugal and is touring across Europe until today.

He came up with the idea of creating a special Fado project.

After a long search he found the perfect musicians to take part in this special multi-cultural project.  Together with the virtuosic Turkish Saz player Serdar Yayla Luis Delgado creates this special music!

Serdar Yayla

Born in Ankara/ Turkey. Having his first musical experiences as an 8 years old with the Baglama, he started his professional music career at the age of 16.

He accompanied various known artists such as Musa Eroglu, Ibrahim Tatlises, Burhan Cacan, Sabahat Akkiraz, Belkis Akkaya, Kamil Sönmez, Izzet Yildizhan, Ismail Mersinli, Turul San and Güler Duman with the Baglama.

He also accompanied the very known artist Misirli Ahmet (the Egyptian Ahmet) in a concert in Istanbul  and the Indian world-known musician Roda Crischna. He was also part of the Turkish Chamber Orchestra, which was founded by Betin Günes. Yayla took part in many music recordings and was a tutor for emerging talents.